Worthy Women

Growing up I was shy and reserved. Actually, unless I really know you, I’m still shy and reserved. As a child, I thought I was strange and felt as though I didn’t fit in anywhere. Not sure where my thinking came from, but it’s how I felt. Therefore, I believed I wasn’t as ‘cool’ as the other kids and didn’t try to engage in a lot of conversations or friendships in fear of being rejected. If we fast forward 20 years, not a lot has changed.

I still fear being rejected, I find myself not feeling confident in different situations and I have a hard time with starting conversations. So why am I a therapist? Good question! I can’t deny my past and the way I sheltered myself. But what I can do is look at my own reality, believe that God has a purpose for me and see that despite my thought of being strange as a kid, I am still worthy of so much more and can overcome my younger self’s faulty thinking.

That is the purpose of Worthy Women! It may have started at a young age or it may have developed later in life, but regardless a lot of women have faulty thinking that takes away our own self-worth. It is not easy to just flip a switch and believe in ourselves, but it is something that is attainable. 

Worthy Women will discuss things that may have contributed to our lack of self-worth like bad relationships, society’s expectations, or even family. Alongside discussion of ways to overcome those experiences in a positive biblical way to increase self-worth and confidence so we can feel empowered and prepared for any new or old obstacle that comes our way. 

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