Meet Our Team of Therapists


Alyssa Hyland

Alyssa Hyland, a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern under Dr. Mark White’s supervision, brings her faith and passion for people to her role at DWA. With a focus on fostering healthy relationships and promoting self-growth, Alyssa is eager to support individuals, couples, and families in navigating life’s challenges. Utilizing systemic and structural frameworks, she equips her clients with the tools they need to achieve their goals and find balance in their lives.


Hollyn Hadaway

Hollyn Hadaway, a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern under Dr. Mark White’s supervision, is dedicated to facilitating positive change in her clients’ lives. By nurturing significant relationships and fostering awareness of obstructive behaviors and thoughts, Hollyn guides clients toward fulfillment. With a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and systemic therapy, she helps clients understand their worldviews and navigate life’s challenges, promoting self-growth and healing along the way.


Tim White

Tim White, MA, LMFT, ASAT, APTT, and LSOTP, offers compassionate therapy informed by his diverse background as a husband, father, Scout leader, minister, veteran, and therapist. Specializing in compulsive sexual behaviors, infidelity, marital conflicts, and mental health issues, Tim provides comprehensive support, including EMDR therapy, to guide clients toward healing and rebuilding their lives.


Kat O’Keefe

Kathryn (Kat) O’Keefe, a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern supervised by Dr. Mark White, has returned to DWA and is ready to accept new clients. With a focus on fostering meaningful relationships and guiding clients through change and healing, Kat utilizes experiential, systemic, and solution-focused frameworks rooted in spirituality. As a native of Lubbock, Kat is eager to give back to the West Texas community by helping individuals, couples, and families enhance their lives through meaningful connections.


Amanda Axelrod

Amanda Axelrod, MFT-Associate under Dr. White’s supervision, specializes in guiding clients through healing and growth. Using cognitive behavioral and experiential therapy, she focuses on addressing relationship conflict, anxiety, depression, anger management, and self-esteem. With a passion for trauma recovery, Amanda believes in providing consistent support and gentle care, guided by her faith, to foster positive change in her clients’ lives.


Adrienne Rains

Adrienne Rains provides therapy services in Texas and New Mexico under Dr. Mark White’s supervision. Specializing in cognitive behavioral, person-centered, multicultural, and biblically focused therapies, Adrienne assists couples and families with various challenges, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, communication issues, and family conflicts. With a unique perspective from her life experiences and therapy journey, Adrienne is dedicated to helping clients achieve personal growth and healthier relationships.


Kayli Beaty

Kayli Beaty is extending DWA’s services to the Permian Basin, offering both in-person and telehealth services in Texas and New Mexico under Dr. Mark White’s supervision. Using a holistic approach, Kayli focuses on uncovering her clients’ strengths to promote healing. With personal experience in chronic pain, she connects deeply with individuals, couples, and families navigating medical challenges. Specializing in depression, anxiety, and relationship conflict across all age groups, Kayli employs cognitive and emotionally-focused models, ready to support clients through life’s journey in the West Texas area and beyond.


Melonie Brown

Melonie Brown, supervised by Dr. Mark White, recently joined DWA and is now accepting new clients from July 1, 2024. Specializing in assisting young adults on the Autism spectrum and families raising children with special needs, Melonie utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy techniques to address Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, single-parenting, and co-parenting challenges.

You matter, and your mental health matters, too! Please reach out to (806) 780-0003,, or send an email to to make an appointment with Melonie Brown.


Justin Rivas

Justin Rivas, transitioning from receptionist to supervised Marriage and Family Therapy Intern at DWA, plans to leverage his diverse therapy training under Dr. White’s guidance. Believing in the power of personalized strategies and diverse methods like Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness Therapy, Justin is committed to empowering clients in the Lubbock community to overcome adversity and improve their well-being.


Saruhen S. Santana Lopez

Saruhen S. Santana Lopez, an ACU Marriage and Family Therapy grad school intern supervised by Dr. Mark White, is passionate about helping others thrive. With a focus on creating meaningful connections and providing a safe space for clients, Saruhen is committed to empowering individuals and couples of all ages to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


Dr. Mark White

Dr. Mark White, LMFT, CSAT, CMAT, CPTT, and LSOTP, brings over 20 years of experience to his practice, specializing in relationship reconciliation, addiction recovery, betrayal trauma recovery, and holistic mental wellness. Combining professional expertise with personal insight from over four decades of marriage and parenthood, Dr. White is dedicated to guiding individuals and families towards fulfillment through transformative experiences and mindfulness techniques.

As a Christian, Dr. White is experienced and open to including your spiritual/faith perspective in treatment with or without any emphasis on Christianity or on any particular denomination. He has a biblically informed psychological perspective of God’s design for success if that perspective is a good fit for you.

You may read more about Dr. White on Psychology Today.

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