Therapeutic Divorce Mediation

We offer Therapeutic Divorce Mediation in Lubbock, TX

Even though we are created for success in life, the ideal of marriage sometimes comes to an end. Uncontested divorces are rare, thus a mediator is often needed to address what is contested or disputed between the parties, especially co-parenting issues. Even in a collaborative divorce, emotional distress, and disconnection typically prevent a divorcing couple from effectively communicating and agreeing on the terms of their marriage dissolution without third-party help. Certainly, the dissolution of a marriage relationship requires the services of an attorney to administer the legal process. Therapeutic mediation may be an avenue of preparation for that legal process or an affordable addendum to that process. Therapeutic mediation is the application of human systems analysis and evidenced-based principles of alternative dispute resolution that specifically address resolving disputes in the context of the distress of marriage dissolution. An understanding and application of brain science is a vital component of therapeutic mediation.

Typical Treatment Issues and Topics Include:

  • Asset Distribution
  • Best Interest of Children

  • Child Custody Scheduling
  • Geographic Restrictions

  • Custody Transfer Arrangements
  • Cooperative Co-parenting
  • Stepfamily Accommodation

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