February 2024


By |February 23rd, 2024|

By: Amanda Axelrod, M.S., LMFT- Associate Supervised by Dr. Mark White We see love portrayed in various ways; through movies, books, music, and even celebrities. Disney movies say that love is the start of happily ever after, books say that love is always romantic, music says that love is obsessive, and celebrities say that love is picture perfect. What if none of these ideologies actually create a life full of love? What if the prince in the Disney movie does not exist? He is just an ordinary guy who makes mistakes and does not save anyone. What if the celebrities

April 2020

What Effect is the Quarantine Having on My Relationship with My Partner?

By |April 21st, 2020|

Well like a lot of things in life the answer is that it depends, and I would like to put my thoughts and opinions out for those interested.  I’ll start with being quarantined together.  I know for some this has been an enhancement for their relationship and for some it has caused significant strife.  In the case of the enhancement, it is due to lessened stress at work (furlough) for one person in the couple and therefore more attention being able to be given to the partner still working and that partner’s emotions. In the case of the increase in

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