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As individuals, we are created for emotional connection / attachment / intimacy with the important people in our lives. Further, we are designed to succeed in those intimate connections. Highly vulnerable expressions and experiences of connection are the behaviors of sexual intimacy.

The behaviors of sexual intimacy are the result of learning and life experience and are sometimes ineffectively learned. Childhood experience, trauma, lack of adequate teaching, spiritual abuse, addictions, compulsions, relationship discord, and many other factors can result in a lack of sexual fulfillment due to learning inappropriate or inadequate sexual behaviors.

Sex therapy is the application of human systems analysis and evidenced-based principles that specifically address sexual dysfunction. An understanding and application of brain science is a vital component of sex therapy.

Typical Treatment Issues and Topics Include:

  • Communication
  • Prerequisite Connection

  • Understanding Differences
  • Understanding Satisfaction
  • Boundaries
  • Technique Development

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