By: Kayli Beaty, LMFT Associate, Supervised By Dr. Mark White, LMFT-S

Has the hand you’ve been dealt in life started to feel heavy? Have you found yourself working to please those around you even if it means constantly keeping your emotions and thoughts harbored? Here is a gentle reminder: You are someone you need to love, too. Deriving from Mark 12:31, people are called to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” What would it look like if you truly loved those around you as you loved yourself? Would they feel safe, connected, and satisfied, or would they feel ridiculed, judged, and disempowered? We can tend to be our own worst enemy with self-deprecating thoughts. Maybe adverse events from your life have left remnants of self-doubt. Mark 12:31 reminds us that we have an opportunity to nourish the relationship we have within us so that we may healthily nourish the relationships around us. I encourage you to take a moment today to notice the language you are using with yourself. If you are noticing a sense of frustration, judgment, or overall dissatisfaction with yourself, I invite you to to soften your perspective with the person in the mirror. You are with yourself every single second of your time here on earth. Maybe it’s time to make your heart a home you feel safe in.

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