Previously, I presented Proverbs 5 as God’s design for husbands to make sense of sexual temptation in marriage, and to further discover an effective antidote to the experience.  The first design antidote is to choose to rejoice in your wife.  The second design antidote is to choose to experience physical, sensual, and sexual satisfaction exclusively with her.

Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth - Proverbs 5:18

The scripture in Proverbs 5:19 actually states in most versions ‘may her breasts satisfy you always.’  It seems clear that the verse is not about anatomy, but about the satisfying nature of bodily contact with a wife.  Notice that the scripture does not mention physical characteristics, age, or any other inclination toward a definition of beauty or sexy.  This verse is about making the choice to find satisfaction at home.  Again, if the verse is not about anatomy, I would like to suggest the application of this verse into the choice of finding satisfaction in three realms: physical, sensual, and sexual.  The husband’s choice is one that requires mutuality; what husband can experience the choice without his wife’s cooperative participation?  However, this is not a license to insist on that cooperation in the wake of her discovery of any degree of infidelity.

Husbands, making the choice to experience this satisfaction in a mutual way requires us to discuss with our wives what is physically, sensually, and sexually satisfying about our contact.  This may also include what is not satisfying.  Afterall, we couldn’t be truly satisfied in an activity that was not satisfying to our wives, could we?

I believe that when husbands are experiencing the enjoyment of physical satisfaction (holding hands, hugging), sensual satisfaction (non-sexual, but private touch), and sexual satisfaction (specific, agree-upon behaviors that are acknowledged as satisfying) that the repeated experience itself empowers a repeat of the experience and disempowers temptations.

God designed our relationships for success.  A wife who knows that her husband experiences physical, sensual, and sexual satisfaction exclusively in her will likely have a positive response.  See Part 4, Struggling with Sexual Temptation as a Married Man? for the next design parameter.

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