Previously, I presented Proverbs 5 as God’s design for husbands to make sense of sexual temptation in marriage, and to further discover an effective antidote to the experience.  The first design antidote is to choose to rejoice in your wife.  The second design antidote is to choose to experience physical, sensual, and sexual satisfaction exclusively with your her.  The third is to choose to be captivated in your wife.

Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth - Proverbs 5:18

The scripture in Proverbs 5:19 states in most versions ‘may you be captivated by her love.’  Notice that the scripture does not include choosing to be captivated by physical characteristics.  It seems that the author is focusing on being captivated by the experience of her.  To captivate is to attract someone and hold their interest and attention.  Choosing to focus attraction to a wife and then choosing to further focus interest and attention to her has a powerful impact on the mind of a husband.  When a man’s interest and attention are focused exclusively on his experience of his wife, the low power of daily sexual temptation has little chance of distracting him to other choices outside of God’s design.

Another aspect of this scripture is that captivation is the third design parameter, following the choice of rejoicing in a wife and the choice of exclusive physical, sensual, and sexual satisfaction in a wife.  The experience of these two previous choices feed into the experience of captivation.

I believe when husbands practice the choice of being captivated by the experience of their wives, the repeated experience itself empowers continued repetition of the experience and disempowers temptations.  God designed our relationships for success.  A wife who knows that her husband is truly captivated by her will likely have a positive response.

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