Therapy & Counseling in the

Permian Basin

At Dr. White and Associates, our main focus is on helping people with their feelings and relationships.

Whether it’s a marriage, family, or work relationships, we believe that understanding emotions is crucial for a better life. We’re experts in figuring out specific problems that you want to change, and often these problems are linked to past difficult experiences.

We specialize in a type of therapy called trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and we have therapists trained in EMDR for cases that need it.

Our team, led by Dr. White, is made up of licensed professionals with degrees in marriage and family therapy. We can work with you as an individual, a couple, a family, or any other kind of relationship. We’re especially known for helping people recover from issues like infidelity, betrayal trauma, and compulsive/addictive sexual behaviors.

As Christians, we respect and are open to including your faith in our therapy. We understand God’s design for success and can incorporate a biblically informed perspective if it’s right for you.

To learn more or to set up an appointment, you can call our receptionist at 806-780-0003 or schedule online.


Kayli Beaty

Kayli Beaty is extending DWA’s services to the Permian Basin, offering both in-person and telehealth services in Texas and New Mexico under Dr. Mark White’s supervision. Using a holistic approach, Kayli focuses on uncovering her clients’ strengths to promote healing. With personal experience in chronic pain, she connects deeply with individuals, couples, and families navigating medical challenges. Specializing in depression, anxiety, and relationship conflict across all age groups, Kayli employs cognitive and emotionally-focused models, ready to support clients through life’s journey in the West Texas area and beyond.

What Kayli Can Help You With

  • Therapy for Children
  • Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Depression
  • Medical Family Therapy
  • Anxiety

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