Finding Self-Worth

‘I screwed up, no one will love me.’ ‘I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done.’ ‘I don’t deserve to be happy.’ I can remember thinking these thoughts as a child and even now as an adult. I try to tell myself they aren’t true and that my best is good enough, but I don’t always believe it.

How can I with all the things I’ve forgotten and mistakes I’ve made my whole life? The feeling of being overwhelmed and taken advantage of are frequent feelings in my life and all I can think is, ‘it’s my fault’.

I try to be a good wife, friend, sister, daughter, co-worker, dog mom but feeling uncertain and undeserving consume me and how I feel about myself.

I believe in God, and that He loves me and has a plan for me, but I have such a hard time loving myself like I am. I don’t like the way I look, that my house is always messy, and I seem to have forgotten everything possible. However, the days continue and the feeling of being undeserving seldom goes away.

The way we talk and believe about ourselves has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Worthy Women is a group designed to look at those thoughts and do something about it. Regardless of whether the faulty thinking started at a young age or developed later in life, making a change is possible.

Worthy Women will discuss things that contributed to our lack of self-worth; like bad relationships, society’s expectations, or even family. We will discuss ways to overcome those experiences in a positive biblical way to increase self-worth and confidence so we can feel empowered and prepared for any new or old obstacle that comes our way.

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